• This industrial oven is designed to operate 24hours a day 365 days a year.
  • We at Italoven only use Firebricks which gets individually shaped with a thickness of 76mm to build the firebrick dome.
  • We use a square firebrick double the size of the normal brick for the floor, to minimize the groves in the oven. We use a quick drying refractory material to cement the bricks to each other, which is capable of handling temperatures to 1300 degrees Celsius.
  • We use our patented inner arch casted from the same material, ensuring that the brick and the arch chemically is glued to each other, eliminating the possibility that the dome bricks will break lose at the entrance of the mouth.
  • This is important as other vendors will use a piece of bend steel to create this arch, to which the mortar cannot chemically blend to.
  • These ovens are built to the clients requirements, but basic sizes are available on which our pricing is based.
  • We build a dummy dome over the fire dome creating a cavity between the domes, which is filled with three different types of insulation material, which each individually assist in keeping the heat inside, allowing the minimum heat exposed to the outside.
  • This makes our ovens the coolest on the outside and very fuel efficient.
  • Due to the quality we build our ovens and our after sales service, we are rated the best pizza oven builder in the Republic, currently being used by most of the franchise companies.


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